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This hair is a popular hair for the girl penguins waddling around the CPPS sites. Most CPPS sites do have this code in their code bo
The Befluttered Pic

Type: Head Cost: 600 coins ID: 103

Type: Head item

not really where do i get it??

ID: !ai 1039

Cost: 600 coins (some sites don't charge)

~* Hey guys I’m responding to the info above ya HOW DO I GET IT also how do i get a tiara and here is how u get a white boa THIS WORKED FOR ME AND OTHERS it is July 2015 and the info was posted a long time ago and chances r it works for u now! ok so log on to cops and wear any neck item, i suggest u go to ur igloo while doing this. then type in the chat box space thing at the bottom: !up n 3100 : don’t type the colens just !up n 3100 there you go! plz respond with replies and/or answers. Thx! *~

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